Welcome to Cogent Alpha.

Hi, I’m Warwick

I'm an investor by trade, and I've started Cogent Alpha to help other people better manage their own savings.

We offer the same high-quality insights that institutional investors get, but written in a style and at a price more suited to individuals with less time to manage their savings. We aim to help you make a real difference to your portfolio in less than an hour a month.

Our educational content and investment analysis will help you answer two crucial questions: how much to invest in stocks vs bonds given everything that's going on in the world right now; and which companies you should consider buying.

There's more on our company in the video below. Please watch it, because we'd love you to join us on this journey.

What do you get?

Members receive two newsletters a month, to help them understand what's going on in the market and better manage their own portfolio.

Both newsletters discuss an investment idea in depth, and one of them also explains if we're considering changing our exposure to stocks as a whole and  a comprehensive portfolio update.

Detailed investment thesis for every firm in our portfolio, updated after material events
Performance tracking to provide clarity on the success of our ideas
Discussion Boards on each stock to swap ideas with like-minded investors
Access to all historical newsletters that we've ever published
Performance backs up our approach

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The law in Hong Kong does not clearly allow investment newsletters such as ours, however, and because some members of the Cogent Alpha team live in Hong Kong we need to ensure we comply with a narrow interpretation of the law in the region. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot allow Hong Kong residents to subscribe to this service.