Hi, I’m Warwick

I'm an investor by trade, and I've started Cogent Alpha to help other people better manage their own savings.

At Cogent Alpha, we offer the same high-quality insights that institutional investors get, but written in a style and at a price more suited to individuals with less time to manage their savings.

Our educational content and investment analysis will help you answer two crucial questions: how much to invest in equities given everything that's going on in the world right now; and which companies you should consider buying.

We'd love you to join us on this journey.

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What we do

Investment Research

Our weekly research service helps members answer two critical questions: how much to invest in equities, and which companies to consider investing into with these funds.

Cogent Blog

Our free blog discussing important events on the financial markets, and why we don't own certain stocks in our portfolio (but without any positive recommendations).

How we invest course

A 12 part course that we're developing to explain how we select our investments, and why we invest the way we do.
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Cogent Alpha Membership

What does membership give you?

Membership of Cogent Alpha entitles you to receive our weekly investment newsletter and it gives you access to the members' area of this website where you can read all of content and interact with other members on discussion boards.

Our content is focused on two key issues: how much of their savings should a typical person  consider investing in the equity markets; and which stocks should they consider owning for long-term success.

Our focus is on high quality, US firms, but we also invest globally and in special situations if the potential returns are attractive enough.

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